Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mexican Snacks

I went on a food adventure recently and discovered Mexican chamoy drinks at fruitera cano near the galleria. Neighborhood was rough but have no fear! Don't let it scare you away from goodness! All I can say is I have never drool so much over food before! These will wild out your tastebuds. 

First drink I had was a Mangoneada. It was like a mango smoothie with chamoy and a tamarindo straw. 

Second drink I had was a rusa. This was the best out of the two. It had sprite mix with chamoy and fruits on top. If you are not familiar with chamoy, it's pickled fruits and chili. Taste super sour, spicy, and sweet. All at the same time! First time I had chamoy, it had so much flavor. I didn't know what just hit me. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Chicago is one of the well known big cities of the United States of America. It has a wonderful art and comedy culture. Chicago is home of the Bulls, six time championships under Michael Jordan era in the 90's. The food scene wasn't too bad, either. I got to sample portelos famous Chicago dog. It definitely lived up to the hype. I also got to try Korean fried chicken wings at Crisp. Those babies were on steroids. I  had five wonderful Seoul Sassy wings but it felted like I ate ten wings. They were THAT big! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Houston 2.0

Hello from my weekend trip to Houston! I Megabus down to Houston to visit my niece and ate delicious food while I was at it! 

First stop on the itinerary was Lupe's for steak fajitas. This was the best fajitas I have ever had. I usually get ½ beef fajitas which, feeds one to two people. Be sure to order a whole pound when dining with me because I can eat half a pound by myself. 

Second stop was Crawfish and Noodles on Bellaire for their cua rang moui, translate to salt and pepper crab! I will be asking for this next time I come to Houston! The crab is breaded, then fried and it goes perfectly with rice. It is now one of my favorite dishes. I would love to have this every time I visit Houston. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Orleans

HelloOoooO from the city of soul, New Orleans!!!! This is my first adventure for 2015. I arrived at 7:30AM and went straight to cafe du monde. The best time to go is early in the morning when everybody is asleep. I walked around after cafe du monde to burn off calories for more food. The streets weren't bad to roam around. I love that New Orleans has a lot of soul and culture. You get to see street musicians and performers everywhere you turn.  

Another place you must stop is Acme Oyster House. I had chargrilled oysters along with crawfish tails. They were both delicious and the oysters had so much flavor. I would love to make trip number two and eat at all these places again! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Meal prep

I'm sorry for the lack of posts these past few months. I'm here now have no fear! Grad school got the best of me last semester and I go back in a few weeks :(. Good thing this is my last year and back to traveling + blogging daily! yay!

For this blog I will tell you how I keep my girlish figure. Time is what I don't have as you can tell by my lack of posts. I try to use the time I have more wisely. I spend one day to prep my meal for the next four day. It gets old eating the same thing for four days straight but I eat it anyway. Meal prep saves time but it's also a good way to save money. If it gets boring eating the same thing over and over, saving money will encourage you to do it!

I spend every Sunday night to cook meals for the week. I usually make meals for four days because I allow myself one day to dine out. Dine out day for me is usually on Friday, fun day. For this week, I prepped garlic and lemon tilapia with brussels sprouts.

Tilapia Recipe:
one pound and a half of tilapia (usually about three to four cutlets)
5 cloves of garlic minced (I use more because I love garlic)
juice of one big lemon
butter 4 tablespoons

Sprinkle garlic over the tilapia. Juice the lemon then pour it over the fish and let it marinate for a few mins. Heat the pan on high. Put the butter in the pan. When the pan is hot, lay out each filet carefully in the pan. Tilapia will cook fast. One minute on each side.

Brussels Sprouts recipe:
walnuts quarter of a cup
brussel sprouts one pound
honey as much as you like. I honestly just eye it and I like to use local natural honey :)

Cut the brussels sprouts in half, put them in baking dish along with the walnuts. Pour honey over brussels sprouts and walnuts. Bake for 10-15mins or until brussels sprouts soften.

If you're worry about getting fishy breathe from eating fish at work. Don't worry! the garlic and lemon will hide the fishy taste. All you have to worry now is the garlic breath! here's a tip, gum hides ANY breath!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Macaron ice cream

Whoever created these ice cream sandwiches is an evil genius!! Evil for making me fat and broke. I'm not kidding! I ate one everyday for a week since I found them. These babies have been popping up all over LA scene. Unfortunately, I don't live in LA but we do have our own version here! Yay!!

You get to choose the shell color (not flavored) and then ice cream middle. Flavors are coffee, green tea, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I always get green tea. This dessert is exotic so I try to match my flavor with the exotic theme.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Juice Cleanse

For some odd reason I decided to do a cleanse. Yes, me, the girl who eats five meals a day decided to refrain from eating. It's not so bad, I tell myself. I've been telling myself that since 9AM this morning. It's 4PM right now and I feel like dying. This is what starvation feels like. I don't like it. I need to do a test. If I still have my humor, that means I'm alive. Knock knock, jk. :)

I bought four bottles of juice at The Juice Bar for $34 plus tax. These bottles are suppose to last me a whole day. I'm allowed water and raw veggies to munch on. But only if I really have to eat something. I decided to do a one day cleanse because I didn't think I could go without eating for three days. That's just torture and I might just die a slowly death...

My first bottle was taken at 7:30AM. First to go was C-Blast; carrots, kale, lemon, and mint. It was sweet and doable. They start you off with something easy. Instruction was to drink a bottle every four hours so it'll last a whole day. I was already hungry by 9AM but I told myself to wait. My next bottle was You Got The Beet, carrots, beet, parsley, green apple, and celery. Taken at 10AM. It wasn't bad. I went home and jug a whole water bottle at noon. I got hungry 30 mins later and did the unthinkable. I ate carrots with hummus! Oh noooo! My third bottle was Skinny Green, taken at 2:10PM. I'm on my last bottle and This is not working out too well. I feel feverish. Google says this is normal because the body is getting rid of the toxins and bacteria. I did have the flu in January. But it's still inside me? What else is still inside me? All those times I ate something bad and tell myself "I'll just work it off later" is still inside me? Yuck!!! 

4:37PM I totally don't see how cleansing can boost immunity system because I feel sick right now. I only have one bottle left. Must stretch out my hunger and use the juice wisely!!!! 

6:59PM I feel like death is upon me. Drinking my last juice and boy is it delicious!!!! I don't think I ever want to do this ever again.
I don't recommend this as a diet. It's really bad for your body to go through starvation. I felt my body eating itself and I only did it for one day. You definitely need more than four bottles of juices to go through a day but that's just my opinion. I would not do these juice cleanses again but I will drink them with my meals.